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Mother Festival: The Mixtape

May 4th, 2010 · 6 Comments

I’m thrilled about Mother Festival - three days of wowmen’s music in London on the 20.21 and 22 May 2010. Following up on my blog post a few weeks ago I’ve now made a mixtape of some of the sounds of some of the bands (and some bands related to the bands) that will be performing live at the event. From no wave to new folk to soundscapes and noise explosions - it’s all there.

Here’s the tracklist and my comments for the 48 minute, 13 song mix. Enjoy and see you in a few weeks!
p.s. get your tickets for days one, two and three now!


1. Wetdog - Wymmin’s Final

This threesome is my favorite thing about London.

2. Maria and the Mirrors - From Egypt With Love
This threesome is my second favorite thing about London.

3. Molly Nilsson - We’re Never Coming Home
Molly says this song is inspired by a poem from Swedish poet Bruno K. Öijer. I can appreciate that. I can also appreciate that synth beat.

4. Rhythm King and Her Friends - Front of Luxury
Rhythm King are not performing at the festival, they broke up. Pauline’s new band Normal Love will premiere there though. Precarious sex. Precarious work.

5. Iori’s Eyes - I Said You and I Grow Old
I just saw the Italian film “I am Love” and this band must have seen that film too because they sound like the movie looks - lovely.

6. Phoebe Jean & Kirikoo Des - Cover Girl
Baltimore is nothing like Paris. Phoebe Jean is like nothing else, slow glass candy melts…

7. PENS - B.I.L.K.S.H.A.K.E.
Yes! Lo-fi and kicky! Love this stuff.

8. Mary and the Baby Cheeses - Years
Like if the Flying Lizards were back again, can’t go wrong there.

9. The Konki Duet - Punk’s Dead
I think there are actually three of them, so it’s really a trio but don’t let that contradiction distract you from their beautiful sound.

10. Sonora - Brains
Sonora was a short lived band featuring Beatrice Dillion, Melissa Castagnetto and some other folks. Now these two have paired up again for something new. It’s another premiere at the Mother.

11. Kelli Rudick - Darling
My weekend mornings often start with long breakfasts to a soundtrack of René Aubry or Ethiopian jazz. Now I will add Kelli Rudick to the mix.

12. Vera November - Our Last Night Together
Electrelane’s music gives me goosebumps and Verity’s solo songs are just like a sigh caught in the chest.

13. Music for One - Wind From the Irish Sea
Music for One is Sherry and sometimes she gets together with other clever talented folks to make sounds. For Mother Festival she comes together with Melissa Castagnetto as the

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